Astrid Gjesing
Born 1952 in Tanderupkær, Denmark.
Member of Danish Association of Visual Artists (DAVA) (


• > om sorg < Audiowalk  for the park at The Mental Hospital, Risskov and Aarhus University Hospital Skejby. In collaboration with composer Sisse Lunøe.
• > ord for ord < Artistbook published by Museum Ovartaci, Aarhus.
• > ord for ord < Recorded artistbook by Astrid Gjesing. To listen at
> Goodnight little one <. Installation with sound for VIA, Skejby. Part of Ovartaci Fields by Museum Ovartaci, Aarhus.
”Ovartaci Fields flourish”. Outdoor soundwork, NRGI, Skejby. Part of the art project ”Ovartaci Fields”.
"DARK TOWER", light- and sound work. Hvide Sande Harbour. For European Capital of Culture 2017.
& Installation. Solo exhibition at Museum Ovartaci, Aarhus.
"Jorden bærer dit aftryk”. (”The earth bears your mark”). Text in red neon at Psychiatric Hospital, Risskov. Gift from the artist to Museum Ovartaci, Aarhus.
"Birds Alphabet", blue neon. Åby Public Library, Aarhus.
• "Andetsteds", group exhibition, with the video "Hasn't she been here before", Museum Ovartaci, Aarhus.
"WITHOUT WORDS", silent walks in the forest and on the beach. Work in progress.
• "LIES", collecting and embroidering of statements about lies. Work in progress.
"Hasn't She Been Here Before", video. "Fokus 2014. Video art festival", Nikolaj Kunsthal
"Art & Merchandising". Das Kunstbüro, Aarhus
"Letters for Astrid". Presentation and display on "Rethink Participatory Cultural Citizenship", Aarhus University and Visual Arts Centre, Aarhus.
"Af vand er du kommet", permanent installation. Text in neon. Below Clemens Bro, Aarhus.
• The sound from audiowalk > ene gang < Sophienholm.
> ene gang < audiowalk for the park at Sophienholm, and text- and sound-installation inside Norske Hus. In collaboration with composer Birgitte Alsted.
FOR JOY II, video, june 2011. drawing as a permanent installation in Bjørnemosen, Bundsbæk Mølle for Skjern Å national park.
"Jorden bærer dit aftryk", permanent installation with writings on recycled gravestones. Nørrebro, Copenhagen, 2009.
"Lysets tøven", permanent installation of neon-poem powered by solar energy, Aarhus Katedralskole.
FOR JOY, drawing as a permanent installation in Bjørnemosen, Bundsbæk Mølle for Skjern Å national park.
"Lysets tøven – åens drift", permanent installation of neon-poem in Skjern Å Forvirringen, Arnborg for Skjern Å national park.
"The Earth bears your Mark". Outdoor installation with reused gravestones and neon. Nørrebro, København.
SEA MAIL, happening at Kattegat together with the organisation “Levende Hav”
"Alt forladt", poetry t-shirt, sold from Women's Museum in Denmark and
"Alt forladt", poetry installation in neon Senko Studio, Viborg. (
•  > noter til ensomhed <  (notes on solitude) interaktive visual and auditive installation, The Women's Museum in Denmark, Århus. Together with the composer Sisse Schilling. (
•  > noter til ensomhed <  (notes on solitude) cd with sound work made for the interactive visual and auditive installation by the same name. Together with the composer Sisse Schilling.
• collecting and embroidering > noter til ensomhed < (notes on solitude) work in progress in public places, Manifest07, The Århus Art Building. (
Schh… sound work on cd together with the composer Sisse Schilling. (
”blindskrift”, installation at Lindberg, Århus.
”med andre ord” (“in other words”), curator and artist, group exhibition, KelleR-Centre of Experimental Art. (
ILD og ORD (FIRE and WORD), poets and ceramists, Kunsthallen Brænderigården, Viborg.
”det borgerlige tusmørkes varighed”, (”duration of civil twilight”) public, outdoor poster ”Solidarity Umlimited?”, rum46, Århus. (
”vox blomst blå” (”Vox Flower Blue”), (
“SKRIFT RUM” together with the sculptor Jørn Rønnau at The Skovgård Museum, Viborg. (
• litteraturRUMMET, The Head Library of Århus.
"Twogather”, group exhibition, rum46, Århus.
“forvandlingens mulighed” (”The Possibility of Metamorphosis”), solo installation of poetry at ArtCenter Silkeborg Bad. (
“forvandlingens mulighed” (“The Possibility of Metamorphosis”), first performance of electronic and acoustic performance together with the composer James Howard Young and flute player Majbritt Christensen.
• 5 songs from UDEN ORD (“Without Words”) for soprano and guitar. Music by James Howard Young. (
“ord bog” (“word book”), visual book of poetry published as prologue for the exhibition ”The Possibility of Metamorphosis”, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bad.
NAT LYS (“Night Light”), poetry works of neon, sound and sandblasted writings at The White Lighthouse, Skagen, Denmark.
VOX BLOMST (“Vox Flower”), live performances reading names of 4.000 Danish flowers for the exhibition “LYDT i Rundetaarn”, Copenhagen.
“nat tegn 3" (“Night Sign 3”), 3 poems as temporary outdoor poetry installations in neon, ArtCenter Silkeborg Bad.
MÅNE * HAV * STEN (“Moon Sea Stone”), permanent work of poetry at Moesgård Beach, Århus, Denmark. 23 stones lying in the zone of tide and sandblasted with the Danish names of the seas on the moon.
"nat tegn 2" (“Night Sign 2”), 3 poems as temporary outdoor poetry installations in neon placed on the building of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen.
"nat tegn" (“Night Sign”), 3 poems as temporary outdoor poetry installations in neon placed at the edge of pier 2, Århus Harbour, on an elm tree in City Council Park and on a pole placed near to the Cathedral, Århus. The Århus Art Building and the Women’s Museum in Denmark, Århus.
"2739 af de i Verdenskrigen faldne", live performance of poetry reading all the names of the dead Danish soldiers of World War I at The Contemporary Art Hall, Århus on the 11.11. at 11 – without any breaks for 4 hours. Transmitted on Danish National Broadcasting.
• 4 essays in own reading on Danish National Broadcasting.
LYRIK BLUES I, II and III (“Poetry Blues”). 3 poems printed on 3 different t-shirts. The poems are calligraphed as written images by the visual artist Jørn Rønnau. LYRIK BLUES packed in slip cases were sold in bookshops and exhibited at the Head Library of Århus, The Regional Archive, Viborg and Randers Art Museum.
• Koordinator at KRAKAMARKEN, Nature Land Art Park, Randers.
UDEN ORD (“Without Words”), collection of poems, début. Illustrated by the visual artist Jørn Rønnau. Published by Brage Publishers. (
"todusin", anthology of poems. Published by Brage Publishers.


• Århus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje 2018
• L. F. Foghts Fond 2018
• Aarhus - 2017 European Capital of Culture
• Ringkøbing – Skjern Kommune 2017
• Århus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje 2016
• L. F. Foghts Fond 2016
• Grant, Danish Arts Foundation 2015
• The Danish Arts Agency, grant for visual arts 2013
• The Danish Arts Agency, grant for visual arts 2011
• The Danish Arts Agency, grant for music 2011
• Århus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje 2011
• Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommunes Kulturfond 2011
• L. F. Foghts Fond 2009
• Copenhagen City Culture Foundation 2009
• Århus City Culture Foundation 2009
• Danish Arts Council for Visual Art 2007
• Århus City Culture Foundation 2007
• Vilhelm Kiers Fond 2007
• Århus City Artist Grant 2006.
• Danish Arts Council for Visual Art 2005
• Skagen City Council 2000
• The Danish Literature Council 1998
• Copenhagen City Culture Foundation 1997
• Århus City Culture Foundation 1991, 1993, 1997, 1998

Artist in residence

• Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain 2006
• Klitgården, Skagen 2005