collecting and embroidering > notes on solitude <

collecting and embroidering > notes on solitude <

Collecting and embroidering
> notes on solitude <
work in progress, manifest07,
Århus Art Building. 2007

manifest07 – this is also an art exhibition, Århus Art Building August 2007 was during 10 days an exhibition which changes constantly.
The aim of the exhibition was to focus on the local visual art scene and it consisted sculpture, video, installation, performance, music, poetry, discussion, light – and sound art, painting, drawing etc.

Each day a new group of curators was formed. They decided the theme for that day and rearranged both works already collected and new works, which were produced during the days. More than 150 artists took part in the exhibition.

During the period from Friday the 10th. until Sunday the 19th. of August I sat down in public places collecting notes for my coming installation > notes on solitude <
Every day from 16 – 17 I was sitting at my transportable worktable with an empty, inviting chair and talked with those people, whom sat down. It was very private reports and conversations also concerning solitude. During these conversations I was embroidering texts and tears on ladies’ white handkerchiefs relating to these talks and to the theme of the day of manifest07.

My participation was a work in progress and this was every day photographed and downloaded on the website of the exhibition together with the name of the place where I would stay the next day.

I made use of the following public places:
Day 1: Friday in front of the Cathedral on Store Torv.
Day 2: Saturday at Immervad opposite the cafés.
Day 3: Sunday in Mathilde Fibigers Garden.
Day 4: Tuesday at Skt. Clemens Bro at the pedestrian street.
Day 5: Wednesday in the café of The Women Museum.
Day 6: Thursday in front of Århus Art Building.
Day 7: Friday in front of Skt. Paul’s Church.
Day 8: Saturday in front of the main station.
Day 9: Sunday at flea market at Ingerslev Plads.

Thanks to the photographers Anne Dyhr, Birgitte Kristensen, Lone Manicus, Bodil Sohn and Katja Bjørn Jakobsen.